Types of Legal Professions

When you’re faced with any legal issue, it’s important to understand the various types of legal professionals available to you. Here are a few of the most common steps in navigating your way through the legal system:


Solicitors are qualified legal professionals, who provide general advice and representation in legal matters. They usually deal with private clients and their cases can range from contract disputes and wills to immigration, family law, and property.


Barristers are experts who specialize in representing people in court, as well as giving advice on complex legal problems. Unlike Solicitors, Barristers do not accept instructions directly from members of the public. The vast majority of Barristers are self-employed and work either in their own chambers or in a firm with other Barristers, called ‘sets’ of Chambers.


Advocates provide legal advice and representation in court for both civil and criminal law cases. They usually work alone but may work for chambers or firms with other Advocates.

Legal Executives

Legal Executives are qualified lawyers who provide legal advice and representation in civil matters, such as family law, personal injury claims, property conveyancing, and probate. They usually work within a firm of solicitors and may be employed by the local authority or government agency.

Legal Secretary

Legal Secretaries provide administrative support to lawyers and other legal professionals in a variety of ways. They may be responsible for arranging meetings, filing documents, transcribing letters and emails, and managing diaries.

Having an understanding of the various types of legal professionals available to you can help you make informed decisions about who is best placed to help you with your legal needs. Whether you decide to hire a Solicitor, Barrister, Advocate, Legal Executive, or Legal Secretary, it’s important to ensure that the person you choose is both qualified and experienced in the particular area of law for which you need assistance.

Family Law/Legal Consultant

A family law consultant is a legal professional who specializes in the specific area of family law. They provide advice on a range of issues, such as divorce, child custody and access, adoption, alimony, bigamy, and property disputes. In addition to providing legal advice, they can also help couples negotiate settlements out of court and represent them in court proceedings.

Will Solicitor

A will solicitor is a legal professional who specializes in drafting and managing wills. They also provide advice on inheritance law, trust funds, gift taxes, and other estate planning matters. In addition to preparing wills, they can also help with probate procedures and tax planning. It’s important to ensure that your chosen Will Solicitor has extensive knowledge of the laws relating to wills and estates.

Immigration Lawyers

Immigration lawyers specialize in immigration law and provide advice and representation to individuals and businesses who are looking to work or settle in another country. They can assist with applications for visas, citizenship, and permanent residency, as well as appeals against decisions made by immigration authorities. It’s important to choose an immigration lawyer with expertise in the area in which you need assistance.

Conveyancing Solicitors

Conveyancing solicitors are legal professionals who specialize in property transactions, such as buying and selling houses, commercial leases, and transfers of title. They provide advice on all aspects of the transaction, from providing initial residential or commercial property searches to preparing contracts and completing the transaction. It’s important to select a conveyancing solicitor who is qualified and experienced in the particular area of law for which you need assistance.