5 Reasons to hire a MacBook

Hoboken Chamber of Commerce

Are you looking for an Apple Mac / MacBook? You could buy one outright, but here are five reasons why a MacBook rental might be just what you’re after. If you want to get a new or refurbished MacBook for an affordable price, of course, you do!

Choose from an extensive MacBook range. MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, M1 Chip, M2 Chip, 13/14/16 inch screens, there are so many models to choose from. If you’re renting, you take the risk of making the wrong choice and if you choose a reputable hire company like Tek Hire their pre-sales consultants will help you to make the right choice.

Who rents a MacBook? People use flexible rental MacBook services for location work, exhibitions, events, and hospitality. A lot of short-term hires is to help people while their own Apple Mac is being repaired.

Get your MacBook rental quickly. If you’re renting a MacBook, the chances are you’ll need one (or several) quickly. Hire Tech Solutions is one company in a group of three, located nationwide, with strategically located sites to get your computer to you when you need it.

Data integrity and security. Check with whoever you hire for your MacBook to, what their policy is about keeping your data safe. You should receive whatever assurances you need, including that your supplier removes full and hard formats of all Apple products, before AND after products are rented out i.e. your data is wiped and cleaned every time.

When it comes to IT equipment rental, you’re in control. Any provider of IT equipment hire that wants to last more than five minutes in the rental market must look after its customers. Making a ‘short-term buck’ on a customer who needs to extend their original hire contract beyond the initial term is not the way to grow a sustainable business. Generally speaking, expect to be offered the same rate, pro rata, for the extra time you need. And, if you come to the decision at the end of the hire contract that you want to buy your MacBook, speak to your rental provider and see what deal can be done.

Whatever decision you come to be assured you will be getting into your possessional a robust, reliable, and desirable IT product to help bring productivity and enjoyment to your life at home and at work.