SEO Expert – 6 Big Reasons Why You Need a Good One

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You already have a wonderfully designed website, premium content and included scintillating media. But you aren’t receiving enough leads to change into clients.

It isn’t like your site isn’t performing its job, it may just be in need of some SEO love.

SEO specialists come in a mishmash of different skills. What they all share is that a seasoned SEO specialist will evaluate your site; and inquire about your business objectives and your marketing strategy before singling out strategies to better your page views and search engine rankings. If you need help with your SEO marketing, check out Leapfrog Internet Marketing. Here are factors to take into consideration when choosing an SEO expert.

1. Years of SEO experience

With Google giving strong attention to domain strength and page rankings – a new field popped up which saw an increment in the number of SEO experts arise. However, this doesn’t necessarily suggest that these ‘SEO experts’ are adept in their craft.

Google’s array of algorithm ranking factors changes every day and you may find that what functioned a couple of years ago may work against you today. A skilled SEO professional will be aware of changes in the industry and will be on top of things thanks to their several years of SEO experience.

2. Understanding of different SEO levels
Search engine optimisation technically involves 3 things:

Technical (this refers to the structure of the website, and how easy or hard it is for SERPs to crawl and record your content).

On-page optimisation (proper usage of HTML and keyword tags in methods that help boost search engine traffic to your website).

Off-page optimisation (for instance social signals, domain strength, link building).

A good SEO strategy needs all of the 3 elements implemented. Some may be more common than others – an SEO specialist will know which.

3. Sassy about marketing

Having a grasp of advertising psychology and user intent is just as integral as the technical aspects of your site. Search engine advertising is whereby a company’s site is properly designed to react to a guest’s search enquiry.

In the event that your website doesn’t have the proper content or if navigating the site is difficult, the web user will exit your website, impacting its page rankings.

4. Understands your business objectives

Do you want your SEO strategy to be centred on conversions (changing a site visitor to a qualified paying client) or climb up the search engine results pages (SERPS)? Perhaps you want to bolster your domain strength.
SEO should be at the centre of your Internet marketing campaign. An SEO specialist will be aware of all of this and will work to mould an SEO that is in line with your business goals.

5. What SEO toolset will they use?

Often, a Specialist will apply particular tools to allow them to attain success with your site. There are various tools that show domain rankings, which directories to list your site and the keywords that rank better to pinpoint what sort of content to post. An SEO specialist should be aware of this and should already have one toolset they prefer.

6. Passionate about SEO

SEO is constantly changing and even if an SEO specialist is working alongside you, they should also be providing you with recommendations about new technologies, even when it directly contradicts what they recommended at first.

Regardless if you are putting up a site from scratch or want to enhance your existing one, ensure that the SEO specialist you enlist is passionate about their job. The SEO expert you enlist should be for the long haul because SEO success doesn’t occur overnight but does give off long-term results. You’ll be working towards the same goal when an SEO specialist has the best interest of your business in mind.