8 Great Reasons To Become An HGV Driver

Pursuing a career as an HGV driver can be a good idea for various reasons. To start with, there are many jobs available for HGV drivers and this can assist individuals to secure a placement with a well-known organisation. HGV driver positions are also worth going after since they provide loads of benefits that we will discuss in this post.

1.) An Abundance Of Positions Available

One of the key considerations for all types of jobs is whether there will be enough work. Well, you can be sure that once you pass a CPC course and have an HGV licence, this will open you up to a variety of different driving positions. In addition to this, we also look for future-proof roles and the requirement for HGV drivers will not be going anywhere anytime soon. The age of digital might have assisted in some ways, with more and more people now ordering from online stores which means delivery requirements have also increased.

2.) Choose Your Hours

Every person has different responsibilities and different lifestyles that they work around. For this reason, the traditional 9 to 5 setup doesn’t suit every person. One of the benefits of becoming an HGV driver is getting to choose the hours that match your lifestyle. HGV roles are highly flexible.

3.) Job Security

A qualified good driver with a professional valid HGV licence is always in demand. There are a lot of industries that cannot state this with the same level of confidence, especially since the world has undergone so many changes. This is why it is wise to pursue a role that offers job security. This industry also doesn’t fluctuate as much when compared to other sectors. In regard to service needs, HGV driving has remained consistently in demand.

4.) Potential To Increase Your Earnings

You can earn a decent salary when you become an HGV driver! Fully qualified, full-time HGV drivers have the potential to earn £30,000 or even more in a year. And if you decide to go independent you won’t be capped by an allocated company salary, either.

5.) Doesn’t Cost A Lot Of Money To Get Into

The costs involved for the lessons when you have not become a fully qualified driver yet, aren’t as expensive as you may have guessed. Shop around to find out about the different quotes. From here you will need to cover the costs of the HGV licence, which is once again not that expensive, especially when you compare it to the money you will soon be earning once you become a qualified HGV driver.

6.) The Role Of An HGV Driver Offers Variety

You can choose between working for a company or going on your own. Both have their own sets of pros and cons. If you choose the path of a self-employed role, you get to decide on the hours you are prepared to work, although when you work for companies, you could secure paid holidays and company bonuses. To keep your interest, you won’t be subjected to the same roads every day. Your role may include driving to many different locations, where in some cases you will need to complete long-distance treks, while at other times your job could include local deliveries.

7.) You Get To Drive A Large Vehicle

If you enjoy the thought of getting behind the wheel of a really big truck, you are passionate about driving, and you really like massive vehicles, this may be your ideal role.

8.) You Get Paid To Travel

The role of an HGV driver involves travelling to many different locations. Your job may involve travelling to places you have never seen before or revisiting places you really like while experiencing ever-changing scenery and then getting a salary to perform these tasks.