Benefits And Reasons To Consider A Career As An HGV Driver

Have you ever thought of making a career out of HGV driving? HGV drivers are some of the most sought-after professionals today and for a good reason. Their job description entails hauling/shipping goods from one place to another via road. Although some may wish to try HGV driving for fun, this is one of the few careers with multiple perks. Discussed below are 8 reasons and benefits of HGV driving.

Work Is Always Available

The job sector was pretty shaken up during the pandemic, with many companies laying off some of their staff. The trucking sector, however, remained unshaken, but rather with more drivers needed to help transport food and other materials to all parts of the country. This is a good reason anyone would want to switch jobs and become an HGV driver. Many people have made a career out of it and are capable of meeting their daily needs and responsibilities, particularly in the digital age. The more people shop online, the higher the volume of jobs there will be for truckers.

Choose Your Best Working Hours

The regular 9-5 working setup isn’t always the best for everyone. Some people prefer working at night, early in the morning, or in the afternoon. Luckily, HGV drivers get to choose the working hours that best suit them. With most of the jobs posted on the ‘job market’ wall, one can choose what jobs to handle according to their preferred schedule.

Job Security

Anyone with a valid HGV Class 1 licence will always be on demand. You don’t even need to own a truck to get working. Hundreds of companies are always looking for competent HGV drivers to help with the workload. That said, you can be assured of job security on this side of the job market. Unlike most industries that fluctuate and are inconsistent, HGV drivers are the backbone of almost every business (we all need something to be moved from point A to B).

Potential to Earn Big

According to research, a fully-qualified, full-time HGV driver makes a minimum of £30,000 per year. The figures are quite higher for drivers with their equipment. With no companies to cap your salary, you can earn as much as you want – you get to choose your limit.

It Is Not an Expensive Venture

Most careers require one to get up to the university and have tons of experience to secure a well-paying job. The learning process alone takes up a huge chunk of money, which takes years to recover. All you need to become an HGV driver is legal age and an HGV license. The amount of money you’d spend to get certified is a tiny fraction of what most schoolers spend to get their degree. In that light, HGV driving is one of the most affordable careers anyone can invest in.

It Is Versatile

As mentioned before, you can start driving for a company or, if well off, venture into self-employment. Each of these job categories has its advantages and disadvantages. Going independent means choosing the kind of work and working hours. Working for a company, however, means you may qualify or enjoy company-paid holidays and bonuses. The other advantage of working for a company is that you don’t get to drive the same truck daily. You will also be required to make a local delivery and times when you will be on the road for days (on long distances).

Driving Large Vehicles Is Fun

If you find driving fun, you should try HGV driving. Driving a massive truck to different parts of the country is one of the few things that bring joy to life. This is the perfect role for anyone who loves being in control and on the road most of the time.

You Are Paid to Travel

Part of an HGV driver’s job description is touring the country and even beyond behind the wheel. Thus, it allows you to see and visit places you’d otherwise never see on a regular 5-9 job. Who else gets paid to travel?