8 Reasons Why You Should Become an HGV Driver

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to become an HGV driver. To get started, HGV jobs are many and it can help you get your foot into the door of a reputable company. It is worth it to seek out HGV driver jobs because they come with a lot of benefits. The article is going to look at some of them.

There is a lot of work available

One thing many people consider when looking for a job is whether it is possible to make a living out of it. Once you have the HGV license, you are going to come across many driving jobs. This is also a good career because it is future-proof. This means that the job of an HGV driver is not going to go away any time soon. The digital age has helped it a lot because more and more people are choosing to order things online instead of going to the store.


People have different responsibilities and lifestyles that they have to work around. The 9-5 way of life is not everyone’s cup of tea. The benefit of working as an HGV driver is you have the option of choosing hours that fit around your life. This means that it is very flexible and you don’t have to work with a rigid schedule.

Job security

There is always a demand for good drivers who are qualified and have a professional HGV license. There are some industries that you can’t say this with confidence, especially in today’s world that is ever-changing. You should consider something that comes with job security. This isn’t an industry that fluctuates a lot when compared to other industries. There is a constant demand for HGV driving.

Potential for high earnings

You can make decent money working as an HGV driver. If you are a fully qualified full-time HGV driver, you can expect to over 30k pounds a year. If you choose to go independent, you aren’t capped by companies allocated salary.

It isn’t expensive to get into it

The cost of getting the lessons to be a qualified HGV driver is not that high. Many people assume that it is going to cost them a lot of money to find HGV driver training. You should shop around and see the quotes you are getting. You will need to get an HGV license, but the cost of getting one is not that high. When you compared the investment you have to make to the earnings you will get when you work as an HGV driver, you will realize it isn’t expensive.

There is a wide variety

You have a lot of options to choose from. You can decide to work for a company or do it alone and become self-employed. Both of these options come with their pros and cons. When you work as an independent, you decide your own hours. When you work for a company, you can get bonuses and paid holidays. It is interesting to drive because it is not the same every day. You can be asked to drive to all sorts of different areas. There are days when you just have to make a local delivery, but there are days when you have to complete a long-distance trek.

Driving a large vehicle

This is going to be the perfect role for those who have a passion for driving big vehicles. You will have a lot of fun working.

Getting paid to travel

When working as an HGV driver, you will be travelling too. You get the chance of visiting places you wouldn’t have before. You can also revisit places and experience the changing scenery. Imagine having all this fun and getting paid at the same time.