Don’t Use These Blinds Around Kids

Every now and then, I bet that you always wonder just how your child, even if they are angelic in the most literal sense, always seems to literally turn the world on its head in the few seconds that you turned away from them.

In addition to highlighting several useful tips on how to keep any blinds that you might already have, or are looking to get in the near future, as safe as possible for your kids, and family by extension, I am going to share with you a few suggestions on the type of blinds that you may want to avoid completely, if you have young children around your home, in this article.

Do Not Use The following Windows Blinds Around Kids

For starters, any blinds that are considered expensive for example luxury roman blinds, and are not good with spaghetti or cricket bats are among the options you will want to avoid if you have kids around. Real wooden blinds, night blinds (also referred to as zebra blinds) and Roman blinds are among the three top types of blinds that you will also want to steer clear of, if you have kids around your household.

In addition to not being waterproof, none of these options are capable of surviving a serious beating during use; and, they are all relatively expensive. If you have these blinds or are thinking of getting them, you can save them for when your children are all grown up – seeing as you might have them around until they get to their mid-twenties given the costly nature of housing today – or when they leave home or maybe use them for that lounge area in your house that you never get to use.

While it might be easier for you to keep your children away from the blinds, you will definitely struggle when it comes to achieving the same in the case of patio doors. This can be so hard given the fact that kids start moving around once they are about 2 feet tall, growing to grasp heights quickly afterward, regardless of how much you wish that this wasn’t the case!

For good reason, you should always ensure that the controls for your blinds are not easily accessible by your kids, considering the fact that you might struggle to keep blinds out of the reach of these young ones. Here I am talking about the stick or wand designed to slant or tilt the louvers or slats on the blinds, or for some types the control chain or cord that is used to lower or raise the blind.

For some reason, children of all ages and even some grown-ups seem to think that loops should be used to spin around once you stick your head in them! Meaning that while this information may seem like it’s for child safety only, it can be applied widely. On top of the potential risk of bringing part of or the entire blind down and resulting in injury, doing this also exposes them to a serious risk of strangulation/hanging.

By nature, all the blinds sold within the United Kingdom have to be child safe. This is according to the law; however, I cannot vouch for any blinds bought for cash from the back of a van by Ben from down the lane!

These blinds are designed with a weak link in the chain. This way, the chain or cord is likely to snap, if one of your kids or grown-ups in your household decides to try the spinning trick with the cord wrapped around their neck! While this will lead to an abrupt end of this “game”, they can walk away alive to try something riskier the next day!