The Presence Of Acoustic Issues In Convenience Stores

People are not realising the impact of convenience stores around the UK and how people are shopping these days. A lot of individuals are shopping a little and that is where convenience stores are shining.

A lot of the larger supermarket companies are taking the time to look into this market. They are also becoming players as they create smaller stores for those who want to pick up one or two items during the day. This also keeps things simple without having to invest in larger stores.

In the UK, there are 46,000+ convenience stores and this number continues to rise. The sector is worth £38bn and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The number is going to grow to £44bn soon.

What does this have to do with acoustics in architecture? The reason it is convenient comes down to being in the right spot and that tends to include quieter residential areas. It is about being in the right spot at the right time to help those who need them.

While the industry is growing, it is important to recognise some of the acoustic issues they have to manage in a situation such as this.

Building Services Equipment

Customers don’t get to see everything when it comes to the store. This includes the staff areas in the back and where the food is being put. This will also include specific machines that are set up for the business.

The kit is designed to work in helping those areas and will continue to ramp up or down throughout the day. This kit will make noise and that is why adjustments need to be done to help keep things as welcoming as possible.


There is going to be cooling equipment that will also make noise but it is going to vibrate at the same time. This can begin to spread throughout the convenience store.

If someone does not like these vibrations, it is not good for the store.

It is essential to think about how to isolate those vibrations and that can be done with vibration isolation mounts. These will work with the pipes and access gantries.


When the convenience store is being set up and stocked, it is essential to think about how this is going to take place. It is going to help with different vehicles strolling through the area to help move products to where they need to be. This leads to a situation where the noise these vehicles make also has to be taken into account right away.

It is common for the delivery to include the presence of a wheeled cage that is going to move across the pavement. This is also going to include where the drop-off point is and how much noise that makes.

Internal Activities

The average convenience store is not going to make a lot of noise. It is going to make limited noise due to it not having that many people inside but it is still essential to think about how much noise is being generated during the day. This includes early morning deliveries that will take place in residential areas.

When the number of convenience stores grows, it’s essential to be aware of these acoustic problems ahead of time to make sure those who are in the neighbourhood do not get annoyed. A convenience store should never become inconvenient due to how much noise it is making.